Peace Logo Dog Leash

Peace Logo Dog Leash

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Walk your pooch in style with the Peace Logo Dog Leash.

  • Four foot dog leash with tie-dye Good Deeds Company peace sign logo.
  • Soft yet tough design can handle everyday wear and tear.

Is it time for a new leash for Fido? Then the Good Deeds Company has one of the perfect pet accessories for you! Made from high-grade materials, this four foot long leash is soft to the touch but is strong enough to withstand even the most excited of canines. Sporting a white base, our dog leash also shows of our tie-dye inspired peace sign logo. The easy-open metal clasp connects securely and easily to your dog’s collar, ensuring they’re locked in the entire time. We know your dog gets a little excited sometimes, making walks a prime time for possible blisters and hand discomfort. That’s why we added a padded comfort grip handle on the inside of our pet leash so both you and your pet are comfortable on walks. On top of this, all net proceeds from all of our products go to supporting non-profit organizations. Pick up this unique dog leash only at the Good Deeds Company.

  • Color: White
  • Unique peace sign logo
  • Durable materials
  • Padded comfort handle

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